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  • It’s Still Christmas Here.

    It’s Still Christmas Here.

    PaiMei just got some more presents from Auntie from Canada. Here he is opening his new presents. He says, woof, thank you Auntie, when are you sending me more? Woof, woof.

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  • Season’s Greetings Everyone

    Season’s Greetings Everyone

    From our house to your house. Merry Christmas and a safe and Happy New Year.

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  • Santa Has Arrived!

    Santa Has Arrived!

    We love Christmas, Santa has arrived at our house and he is on his way to your house. He says that if you have been good, he has lots of toys and cookies too. Happy Holidays everyone.

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  • I Smell Something Delicious!

    I Smell Something Delicious!

    Everyone loves this time of the year in the canine world. They smell good things in pretty wrapped paper and won’t give up until they get it. This is Marley last year, He will be much faster this year, don’t you agree?

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  • My Secret Santa!

    My Secret Santa!

    Don’t tell anyone but my secret Santa has already delivered a present for me. I get very spoiled at this time of year cause I been a good girl, mom says. Hope all my fur buddies get all the things they want too. And I hope all my furiends at every shelter waiting to find their forever homes to get many presents too.

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  • Where is Santa, Mom?

    Where is Santa, Mom?

    Mommy said, I have been a very good little girl all year, How come Santa isn’t here yet? Have you seen him yet?

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