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  • A Maltese Alarm Clock

    A Maltese Alarm Clock

      Set your Maltese Alarm Clock! and you won’t have any difficulties in being awaken with all those licks and yips. At least you won’t need to worry about being late again for work, right. I can’t think of a better way of getting woke up, can you?

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  • Maltese Tiny Paws

    Maltese Tiny Paws

      Maltese Puppy Love At It’s Fullest!   Remember those days when you brought home your puppy. How small and sweet from day one, how that puppy breathe we all love when the time came for nose kisses. They never grow up or never give up, they just learn how to make us melt when they come near.

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  • Maltese Rules

    Maltese Rules

      Keep those tear stains away with I Lid n Lash. They learn at a very young age that they rule the roost, at least to a point, right. Although they are just playing around together it looks like the Maltese Puppy would win hands down.  

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  • A Paw Protection

    A Paw Protection

    Maltese Protection! Protection from the heart, no matter how big or small they all stick together when in need. What better life can you have when your brother comes to your rescue when in need.

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  • Priceless Maltese Memories

    Priceless Maltese Memories

      Maltese puppies and memories. We can remember some of the good times when our babies are growing up, but with actual photos and our personal videos, PRICELESS.

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  • Baby Bella Maltese

    Baby Bella Maltese

      Did Santa leave another toy for me, Mom? He is talking and singing but don’t play with me. I must tell him that I am the boss of this home, no matter how good he can sing, woof, woof.

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  • Maltese Puppy Fluffing

    Maltese Puppy Fluffing

      Maltese Dogs needs and demands a fluffy home. Even when they just want to sit and lounge around for a while they are funny to watch when they paw and scratch the pillow or couch where they intend to settle in for awhile. Do you notice your baby fluffing up their space getting ready for some Zzzzzz’s?

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  • Around and Around Maltese Style

    Around and Around Maltese Style

      Have you seen such a fast spinner as this? Tabby the Maltese puppy doing his favourite spin before bedtime. And he never gets dizzy, just wants to play. Do you have a spinner in your family?

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  • Playful Green Maltese Puppy

    Playful Green Maltese Puppy

      Just a pup! A Maltese Puppy, Playful, energetic, inquisitive, white and fluffy. Her name is Paris and she never stops playing and entertaining herself with anything that she can get her paws on. Especially the plastic toys which she favours green too. She has two of these toys, one red and the other is green, she goes for the green every time.

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  • Maltese Hide and Seek

    Maltese Hide and Seek

      Where are you Mom? I feel you, smell you and hear you. don’t see you Mom.. I will find you, I feel you with my paws, sniff, sniff, there you are. Love you Mom, Woof.  

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