Captain RED

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Author: Dee Covello
Englewood FL USA

My name is Captain RED, but you can call me Cappy. I was born on Dec 15th 2004 in Clearwater Florida and usually weigh in at 5-1/2 pounds.
My Momma & I are a Certified Pet Therapy team and go to 2 local hospitals each week. We have been making these visits for 5-1/2 years. We visit with patients in mental health units, intensive care and basic hospital care units. I like seeing all the staff members, too!
Momma says I’ve never met a stranger so I guess I’m very upbeat and sweet, but I am also very smart and understand a lot of people words.
I go to bed at night with the first one in there (usually Poppy) and stay in bed with the last one out (Momma of course!).
First thing in the morning I have to take care of business, but then I get alligator cookies…yummy!
I bring a lot of joy into peoples’ lives, but especially Momma and Poppy.
Love you licks and yips!



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  1. Bridgette says:

    Thank you Captain Red for being such an outstanding pawsome citizen in your area, I know you bring so much joy into peoples lives performing your therapy service at your local hospitals. We are so proud of you here at Maltese Starz.
    Bridgette & Porkchop sends their hugs and nose kisses, oh and Bridgette says you have the cutest big black eyes, she sends her personal hugs to you Captain Red….

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