Can A Dog Really Help People To Heal?

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Owning A Pet Can Have A Psychological Impact.

It’s a human curse that we have complex languages and advanced art forms to express our feelings, and we have a natural ability to empathize with others…and yet we spend so much of our lifetimes feeling isolated and alone. There are many ways to stave off that loneliness. But the most effective, prescribed by millions of people world-wide, is to buy or adopt a pet. The right kind of pets can provide you with the kind of constant, loving companionship that will multiply the happy moments in your life, and give you comfort during the darker ones. The deep soul friendships that we constantly seek out in other humans? For some reason pets just ‘get it’ better. And of course, the most famous of all pets, a devoted human companion since ancient times, is the Canis familiaris, the loyal dog. And when you feel ill, lost, and alone, they’re the perfect pick-me-up.


My Rescue Porkchop

There are thousands of different pure-bred breeds of dogs, bred for size, color, personality, abilities…whatever you‘re looking for. Add to that mongrels and strays, and you have a confusing array of doggy personalities. But if you’re looking for a companion dog, one to stand by your side adoringly with puppy like enthusiasm, a dog that can make you sit up in the mornings when you feel too tired or unwell to move, then you couldn’t possibly go wrong with a Maltese.

Maltese are one of the smallest of the ‘Toy Dogs,’ or ‘Lapdogs’ (breeds of dogs that can comfortably sit on your lap), but they have huge loving hearts. Tiny even when adults (A full grown Maltese has a height of about 8-10 inches at the shoulder), with long silky hair, and bright soulful black eyes and a button nose, Maltese dogs resemble nothing more than an adorable stuffed toy, meant for cuddling and holding close. The best thing about the Maltese though, Is that it’ll enjoy that attention, and return it, making you the recipient of all the love that the adorable little creature can show.

Maltese have exuberant personalities. Lively, playful, and quite curious. They’re gentle little creatures, and weigh only about 1.8-3.2 kg, so you don’t have to worry about them hurting anyone by jumping on them. They’re also highly intelligent, quick at picking up new tricks, and figuring out what you enjoy. Their devotion and trust in their master is in true doggy form.

The Maltese will curiously investigate anything that ends up in your house, and sound the alarm when they hear suspicious noises. Their excitable nature means that they get sufficient exercise even in a small area like an apartment building, or a really small yard, so you needn’t worry about taking them for long walks. In fact, Maltese are so small that encounters with larger breeds may prove to be fatal (one snap of a large dogs teeth at a Maltese’s neck, as morbid as it seems) so it’s best to keep them safely inside, and take them for outings only when you know the other dogs in the area are well trained.

Maltese are a long-haired breed, but they’re hypo allergenic, so it’s possible that people who are allergic to other breeds of dogs and cats may not be affected by these little guys. It’s important to keep them well groomed, or their silky fur can get matted and tangled. If you can’t spend that amount of time on them, get their hair buzz-cut to a length of one or two inches, which gives them an adorable puppy, look.

Healing from psychological or physical illnesses is a painful, private process. But at all those moments when no human around understands you, whether because they sympathize too much, or too little, or they just don’t understand, having a loyal pet like a Maltese who knows with unshakeable certainty that you are the center of the universe, that’s the kind of belief that’ll help you back on your feet to take on the world. If not for yourself, then at least for your trusty, excited Maltese shadow.





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