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  • Maltese Motherhood

    Maltese Motherhood

      Jojo’s 3 Maltese puppies at 2 weeks old. Jojo taking good care of her three Maltese puppies at 2 weeks old. How Motherhood takes over and nourishes her little ones until they can take care of themselves.

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  • Princess Maltese Pup

    Princess Maltese Pup

      Meet little Princess Baby Miu, just being introduced to the Youtube channel. She is so tiny but an instant star. Don’t this make you crave for another one of these precious babies?

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  • Maltese Dog & Blowfly!

    Maltese Dog & Blowfly!

    The Maltese Dog named Tess trying to catch a blowfly. Trying his own strategy to catch it but gets scared away. Looks like the blowfly wins the battle.

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  • Surprise Maltese Puppy

    Surprise Maltese Puppy

      Were you ever surprised with a new puppy? I can’t say that I have, but I had the pleasure of searching out for that perfect Maltese for my first three babies. Even Porkchop, even though I wasn’t thinking of adding to our family, something drew me to him to search more when I first saw his photo online and read about his story. You can’t help but feel so excited when your new puppy arrives. Don’t you agree?

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  • Rescued Maltese Finds Love

    Rescued Maltese Finds Love

      To all my Special Friendz on Maltese Starz and around the world. This is Porkchop, Meez wanted to give you an update on my Love life. It’s been six months now rescued and in my loving forever home. These are photos of my progress from Sept last year till now. Enjoy, I sure am. Wuv U, Porkchop  

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  • Musical Maltese Puppy

    Musical Maltese Puppy

      Look what I found, arrf, arrf, I playz music. I playz the drums and chimes, Would u like to hear me playz? Heres I go.  

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  • Contented Maltese

    Contented Maltese

    As long as they see you, but preferably on your lap, they are contented and so happy. Take a view of this one having the perfect spot just to hang out.

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  • Dog Opens Bottles

    Dog Opens Bottles

    His name is Popcorn, and yes he can open a plastic bottle, but it’s not for nothing, he knows there is some reward if he screws the lid off and looks inside. He is not a Maltese but as intelligent like Maltese dogs.

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  • Maltese Devotion

    Maltese Devotion

      Gentle, loving, trusting and devoted to its master. A Maltese puppy is a classic companion dog: graceful and loveable. They love to play outdoors. They do have their quirks but overall they are so rewarding to have in any home, aren’t they?  

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  • Maltese Puppy Fluffs

    Maltese Puppy Fluffs

    Don’t you just love watching these precious little Maltese Puppies. It don’t matter what age they are, they still have that spunk and vinegar from puppy to adult stage.

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