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  • Too Cute for our Eyes.

    Too Cute for our Eyes.

    Isn’t it just marvellous to watch little puppies play and bounce around like this. It reminds me how Bridgette acted when we first brought her home. She still is bouncy and playful to this day even though she is coming up eight years next month.

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  • Reactions are Priceless

    Reactions are Priceless

    Three Chihuahua puppies react to our 10 lb Maltese dogs- William and Muffin. The reaction of the chihuahua when Little Cocoa barks at Muffin.

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  • Maltese Reunion

    Maltese Reunion

    LeLe, the youngest Maltese, is about 4-5 months old in this video. He came to visit Harry & Stella. So much fun watching him hop around like a little bunny. LeLe lives far away, so we don’t see him much but has taken to Harry and Stella very easily.

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  • Mother Nature Maltese

    Mother Nature Maltese

    A Maltese named William plays with young Boxer puppies. Maltese are so loving and caring and it shows that again in this video.

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  • Let’s Rock, Dad.

    Let’s Rock, Dad.

    Rockie on spring break, travelling in his doggyride trailer around Liberty State Park, New Jersey. He is the happiest when in his little trailer.

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  • Snow-Hopping Maltese

    Snow-Hopping Maltese

    Does your Maltese or pet love hopping in the snow? Both Bridgette and Porkchop enjoy our outings each day so they can hop around in the snow. They usually don’t follow the track that I make them, but right now they do, as the snow level is so high for them they don’t have a choice.

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  • Skateboarding Maltese

    Skateboarding Maltese

    Stella a 4 years old, 4 lb Maltese dog, learning for the first time to push the skateboard on her own and get on the skateboard while it’s moving.

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  • Travelling Maltese

    Travelling Maltese

    We’re off to New York, to the fashion show. Trying out my new travelling gear to see if it’s comfortable and cozy. It’s cool, don’t you think?

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  • Playful Ball of Fluff

    Playful Ball of Fluff

    Isn’t it cute to watch these little balls of fluff showing so much contentment and so easy to entertain them. They are always young at heart no matter what age they are.

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  • Games We Play with Mom and Dad

    Games We Play with Mom and Dad

    This is how my two spend a lot of our time during these cold days of winter. They have it down pat, as soon as we get out of bed. Their out in the hall staring at me to play. Porkchop at first when we adopted him, didn’t know how to play. He would sit on daddies lap and watch Bridgette and I play will I would throw the toy down the hall and she would run and get it, […]

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