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  • Rescued Puppies

    Rescued Puppies

    Isn’t it great to hear of happy endings for Rescues. These are two of the Maltese puppies rescued from the big puppy mill dump last year near Flower Mound TX.

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  • I’m So Thankful!

    I’m So Thankful!

    My little Judy is showing gratitude for all she received yesterday on Thanksgiving Day. Hope you enjoy her outfit and all tricks she has learned.

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  • Thanksgiving Bone

    Thanksgiving Bone

    Lola was nearing 9 months old in this video, and has learned how to throw her toys around. I was sitting at the computer when i heard some growls and barks and looked over to see lola playing on our bed… of course by the time i got my camera she stopped barking and growling. HAPPY THANKSGIVING TO ALL THE FANS AT MALTESE STARZ.

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  • Happy Rope

    Happy Rope

    My friends little Millie being her playfull self taking on the big dog in a game of tug of war. Amazon Pet Supplies – Extra 20 -30 Off Select Holiday Deals The Maltese is always the dominate one in any game play, right?

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  • Aren’t We Human?

    Aren’t We Human?

    Best buddies in the whole wide world. Lincoln & Edie Petey Wrestling/Dancing with guest appearance Ollie Maltese Pomeranian Maltipom.

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  • Paw’n Boots

    Paw’n Boots

    From Rescue to a Beautiful Pup Meet Lincoln, our little rescue has transformed into a beautiful Maltese Pup, since his rescue 3 yrs ago. He is doing a very good job getting aquainted with his new boots for the first time, don’t you agree?

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  • Meez Clothes!

    Meez Clothes!

    Two against one, that’s all it takes to win. Two little Maltese wants the clothes that’s on the Chihuahua. I wonder who wins?

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  • Head over Heels

    Head over Heels

    So cute… Maltese captured standing on her two front legs while eating. Her legs can go up in he air for seconds at a time but I never seem to have a camera on hand when she does that.

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  • Cheering Maltese

    Cheering Maltese

    Minnow the cat had been missing for over 7 weeks and was found trapped in a neighbor’s shed. Millie the Maltese is trying to cheer her up as she recovers. That’s a true Maltese I say, don’t you?

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  • True Puppy Love

    True Puppy Love

    Jojo’s 3 Maltese puppies as well as their father named Christo. Enjoying each others company, they are so closely bonded, kissing each other and sitting very close to the other. Mom and Dad are watching them very close too. What a great doggie family.

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