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  • Chasing My Kibble!

    Chasing My Kibble!

    Hi everyone, Have you every played the game Catch the Kibble? You should try it sometime, trust me everyone wins. I get to have all the kibble I want. And Mama enjoys watching us go and fetch it to eat it.

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  • Let Me Get That!

    Let Me Get That!

    Have you ever thought of training little Fido how to be a gentleman? So he can open the door for his little Miss Angel. Well, it can be done. Just don’t give up and you can accomplish anything, right?

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  • Saved by Kindness

    Saved by Kindness

    Veterinarian Dr. Brenda Gough’s husband found a severely neglected dog on their property, covered in over three pounds of matted fur that prevented it from walking. It’s thought he escaped from a nearby puppy farm. Thanks to the Park Road Veterinary Clinic, he is now making a fill recovery. “Shrek” and his incredible will and road to recovery.     http://youtu.be/fKkmNZwjJXw       Shrek’s incredible rescue  full story

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  • Flash of Fluff!

    Flash of Fluff!

    Now is this little ball of fluff got the spunk or not. She seems to know just where she must stop and where she can fly. Can you imagine what she could do with the wide outdoors. She would be gone in a flash of fluff.

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  • Let’s Go Mom!

    Let’s Go Mom!

    What a wonderful day to be free. I am going jogging on this beautiful Morning. Would you like to join me? Lets go Mom, Coooome,on Mom catch up.

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  • Perfect Gentleman!

    Perfect Gentleman!

    Well the big night is coming fast, Trick or Treaters, anyone? I’m still looking for someone to court on that night. Are there anyone that would like to join me? I would be happy to court you all. Put you name on the list and we will start at seven P.M. Oh, how do I look?

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  • Whatever age, they’re alway beautiful!

    Whatever age, they’re alway beautiful!

    Its just amazing how they never grow old in their cuteness. They may slow down a bit but not much. My two are always active and ready to play. But when it comes to their bones or something they hold dear and won’t share, BEWARE…..right?

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  • Looking At You Kid!

    Looking At You Kid!

    Do you prefer the left or the right. I will please whatever your choice. Yes I am talking to you. Mom says to look them straight in the eye to get someones attention. I am looking at you. Handshake anyone?

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  • Maltese Drummer

    Maltese Drummer

    Are you looking for a drummer in your band? I happen to know this really fantastic drummer, That will rock the house. Let me introduce Willy the drummer of the century. He is not cheap, so be ware.

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  • Burying the Evidence

    Burying the Evidence

    Yesterday we posted a video on one of our babies doing a weird move. Some how, Winkie got a hold of a Nacho, that he knows is not good for him. So I caught him in the bedroom doing this weird move, what I call it. Trying to hide the evidence until he thinks it’s safe to eat it. I think we have caught onto something, don’t you?

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