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  • My First Day on the Job!

    My First Day on the Job!

    Good Morning, A lot went on yesterday, as you know we have a new rescue in our midst. His name is Porkchop, so I have been elected as his Policeman. I have been in a high tec training program for this position and just got hired by Bridgette at Maltese Starz yesterday. This position I take very seriously, so if you see anyone trying to push their weight around, here is my direct line at 1-888-0Po-lice. Thank you, Sniffer…..

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  • Sun Crazy

    Sun Crazy

    My little Dafne was having a peaceful nap a few minutes ago . When she woke up I quess the sun made her go crazy. I heard loud scratching from the other part of the house so I had to investigate, when I realized it was Dafne, I immediately grabbed the camera to see what extent she would go. It reminded me of a child loaded up with chocolate. It was so funny I had to post this today.

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  • In Training

    In Training

    I am so proud of my Louie, he knows all the tricks. Let me show you what he can do. Louie is a happy little fellow and is easy to teach him new tricks. The next one I have planned for him is to fetch the newspaper in the mornings after delivery. Do you think he will be able to bring me the daily news? Stay tuned….

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  • Eat on Command

    Eat on Command

    What more can I say, This little video says it all. For a little person like this and as young as he is, it’s astonishing, how smart he is knowing not to touch his treat till he gets the okay and with it right under his nose.

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  • Who Is Pleasing Who!

    Who Is Pleasing Who!

    Don’t know who’s enjoying this the most, Mommy or little Cali. But each one is getting what they want. Cali is getting all the treats he wants just by pleasing Mom with a Kiss. Mommy is so delighted by receiving the Kiss. Everyone is happy. It can’t get any better than this, right?

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  • Licks of Love!

    Licks of Love!

    A true treasure to watch a Momma taking care of her newborn. Motherhood is a priceless opportunity to experience, even for canines. I couldn’t stop watching this as I was choosing today’s little video. It can’t help but warm anyones heart how this Mommy is so attentive for her young. Even the newborn is soaking the love up from Mom.

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  • Never give up!

    Never give up!

    Look at that sorrowful face, wanting Mom to help him. Talk about determination, Cali has it for sure. In human life you have often heard about that saying “Never Give Up” I have lived my whole life on that belief, myself. And I have to say I have accomplished everything I have set out to do. So it does work…. Isn’t it great even a dog has the same philosophy has us humans. Way to go Cali!

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  • Cozy and Contented

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  • Pet Rescue!

    Pet Rescue!

    Are you looking for a Rescue? Ginger is our 9 month old (as of 6/2013) Maltese/Poodle mix rescue that we adopted in January at 4 months old. She was rescued by PAAW, People Assisting Animal Welfare www.paaw.org, in Lafayette, LA so she is a little Cajun girl! She really rescued us as I was having a very difficult time after our 17 1/2 year old Maltese, Belle, died in October, 2012. We did some fostering and in January found our […]

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  • Slippery Paw

    Slippery Paw

    Woof, is this a new toy Mom? It’s moving and making squeaky noises. We are not sure if we should touch it or snuggle it. It feels soft and smells like us. We will be gentle with it Mom. Lets just watch and see what it does.

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