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  • Leo’s new Wheels

    Leo’s new Wheels

    Back a couple years ago, Leo was paralyzed from a fall down an elevator shaft and broke his back. Nothing stops him from getting where he wants to go. All he needs to do now is get his left and right down pat and he’s off to the races, like always. Thank you Mom and Dad for helping me get my new wheels.

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  • Dogs are Magicians of the Universe

    Dogs are Magicians of the Universe

    Can you imagine your home without a Maltese? I cannot, I have owned three of these breeds all through my life, over 35 years. Although, all breeds are a man’s best friend, my preference is the Maltese. Like one member quoted just yesterday, ” he cannot express in words how much he adores the Maltese breed. So, so true! Don’t you agree?

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  • A Threesome!

    A Threesome!

    Pipi (alias “Pipito”) plays with Sunny (the black dog) and our guest Angel (the white Maltese). Sunny, who believes to be Pipi’s mom, keeps a watchful eye and protects her son. We watched them very closely to see what they would do. As always, Maltese are so delicate when playing but fearless.

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  • Please Pick Me…

    I am an unaltered female, white Maltese.</font> via PetHarborPet.

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  • Precious and Curious

    Precious and Curious

    Our new additions to the family is so precious and playful. They are healthy and curious. All they do is chew at each other playing. But Mom keeps a good watchful eye on them both. As you can see in this video. Oh yes, they love music too.

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  • Remember Me-Watson

    Remember Me-Watson

    Well it’s not all doom and gloom for some of these lucky rescues. Dogs are not like humans, they get over their disabilities quickly, it’s like they don’t even have one. They live with no care in the world. When you watch these happy go lucky animals with these disabilities, you can’t help but feel humble and be ever so grateful with what we have for that day.

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  • Healthy Homemade Recipes for Maltese

      As a Maltese owner, we all are aware that our babies are finicky eaters.Even Bridgette.   For that reason, I have decided to do some research and make her some homemade dishes. This recipe is one of her favourites and wanted to pass this on to our fans.   Bridgette’s Hamburger Helper   ♥ Ingredients: ♥ ♥ 1 cup hamburger meat, stir-fried in 1 tbsp canola oil [For puppies 6 months and under, use 70% fat free hamburg and leave a […]

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  • Persistence!


    Look what I found! another toy for me to chew. If I could get my mouth around it, maybe it will squeak like all the other toys. So far I haven’t heard nothing, but tune in later. I will try to train it to talk too.

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  • Spray Me Mom!

    Spray Me Mom!

    Meet little Dolly, everyone likes their drink usually from a glass or dish, but Dolly prefers hers from the spray bottle and actually begs me for it every night. Not sure if she relates it as a game or not. Drives me crazy cause she won’t let up till I get spray it for her. What do you think, Why?

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  • Hmm Caught Red Handed

    Hmm Caught Red Handed

    Whenever your baby is very quiet, there is always something going on behind the scenes, that we need to find out what they are up to, don’t you agree? Bridgette is like that too, she would be off somewhere doing something mischievous. They are a dead give away. Yes I remember this same stunt ripping up paper and leaving it in a huge heap, for me to pick up. Has that happened to you? I still chuckle over it when […]

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