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  • Doggie Dreamland!

    Doggie Dreamland!

    Hey Mom, follow me. I am going to take you to Doggie Dreamland. Just follow me, I know where it is. I love it there! I have been down here by myself before, I just sniff my way down here. I seen this furry toy that I love, but the owner said, “I had to bring my Mom in to show you before I took it home”. Here it is mom, turn right here. This is “Doggie Dreamland”

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  • Watchful Eye

    Watchful Eye

    Maltese: What are you doing Mom? Mom: I am getting you ready for a spa bath, did you forget you have a date with Phoebe? Sweetie. Maltese: Arrf, No I can’t wait for my date, it’s tonight, right? Mom: Yes honey, lets go and have your bath, so you will look you best, ok. Maltese: OK mommy don’t forget to brush my teeth to. Mom: Anything for my honey bun…. WOOF,woof….

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  • Happy Birthday Chloe

    Happy Birthday Chloe

    My very first birthday celebration. I heard mommy whispering to daddy what I am getting for my birthday. I have been a very good puppy, so I get lots of presents,she said. I wished everyday had a celebration for me. I got lots of squeaky’s, treats and lots of attention. Thank you everyone for my doggie toys.

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  • Teething Doggie Chews

    Teething Doggie Chews

    This taste yummy so I am not giving up on trying to crab a chew. Mom says these chews are good for my teeth. Mommy next time when your at the doggie store, please pick up another chewy bone that is much smaller. Ok sweetie, I will do anything for you as long as you chew them. I will get two smaller ones for my little beauty. ok Thanks Mom.

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  • Maltese puppy-so tiny

    Maltese puppy-so tiny

    Arrf, arrf, can I make it in there, maybe. My hind legs can’t crab on to push me up in there. Come on baby you can do it. Arrf, arrf I made it. We are a intelligent Breed, the Maltese!

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  • Beauty Whistle

    Beauty Whistle

    Whistle, whistle. You are my little beauty maltese. I hear those beauty whistles, Mom. Those whistle tones are beauty tunes to my ears, Mom. I think you are a beauty to Mom. I love you, arrf, arrf.

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  • Playful Beauty

    Playful Beauty

    Hello everyone, My name is Angel, mommy says that I am a beauty but only want to be loved. I love to get dressed up so I wanted to show you my new dress that I just purchased today. I was wondering if it makes me look beautiful. What do you think?

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  • Maltese Beauty

    Maltese Beauty

    Capturing moments of our Maltese is priceless, that we will hold close to our hearts forever. Here is a video taken by one of our members at Maltese Starz called “Sammi the Wonder Dog.” Mommy pampering her little wonder beauty and of course Sammi is soaking it all in. Sammi, you are a beauty and a star. Thank you Joy for sharing these moments with us at Maltese Starz.

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  • Beauty Kick

    Beauty Kick

    They don’t call me a beauty for nothing. But not only am I a beauty, I am very intelligent. It’s to hot outside to leave these beauty boots on my paws. So off they go. Kick, kick. Mom you can put them away until the colder weather arrives back again. OK.

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  • Come on Down

    Come on Down

    Hey, I seen you go up there, where are you? Come and play with me. I won’t hurt you so come on down and play. I would love to be your friend to play with. You look so cute up there. My name is Siri. What’s your name? Mom why don’t it come down and play? Woof, woof.

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