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  • My School Chums!

    My School Chums!

    This is my neighbours Maltese named Fernando. He waits every morning for the school bus to arrive so he can wave to them as they go by. He seems to know exactly when it’s time for them to drive by. So he waits standing up forever, waving to say Hello. Hey kids Look at ME! Have a great day kids…..

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  • Only By The Tone

    Only By The Tone

    Arrf, arrf, I am listening Dad. Yes I want the treat. Arrf, louder, louder. If that is all I need to do, I will arrf as loud as you want. Keep those treats coming my way Dad. Arrf, arrf. Love you Dad, Woof, woof.

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  • Singapore Best Friends

    Singapore Best Friends

    Hello Maltese Starz, our names are Michelle Chan Chan and Miruti. We have lived in Singapore all our lives. We are the best of friends and go everywhere together. We have just come from the groomers with a full spa treatment. We are ready to spend some time with all of you at Maltese Starz. Are there any fans at Maltese Starz that reside in Singapore? We would love to meet you? Thank you, Your friends, Michelle Chan Chan and […]

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  • My Maitre D

    My Maitre D

    Hello sir, I will be your maitre d this evening little guy. Ok that will be great, forget the main course just keep the corn chips coming my way. If you would like a good size tip, I would suggest that you bring my corn chips a bit faster and also in reach. Thank you maitre d. Just like human skin, a pet’s paws are delicate and sensitive and can become chapped in cold dry weather, or burnt on hot […]

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  • Mommy’s Clan

    Mommy’s Clan

    Mommy’s busy handling all these fur balls. They all are going around her and over her. We can squeeze into any area, cause we are so tiny. As long is Mommy is not too far away, we are happy. We love our Mom.

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  • Watchin the Kitty

    Watchin the Kitty

    Yes you are family but don’t take my din din. You have your own dish and I have mine. I’ll walk away and eat my food so I know you won’t snatch it up before I eat it. Just watchin you kitty so you don’t take whats mine. I am still watchin you!!!!!!

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  • The Amigo Clan

    The Amigo Clan

    We are called the Three Amigos, but we just want to bounce and romp together to have some fun. We would like to invite you all someday to our house. But for now all we can do is show you how we spend our day burning off our ever lasting bouts of energy. Enjoy watching and when we grow a little, we will have you all over so we can become your friends too at Maltese Starz.

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  • What’s On the Other Side?

    What’s On the Other Side?

      I am an explorer, no grass grows under my feet. I am so fearless, they say I am going to get myself into a bad situation some day. For now I only can see myself as exploring parts of the world that they try to keep me from. Fences don’t stop me.   What more can I say, nothing stops me from checking out what on the other side.

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  • Kissing Twosome

    Kissing Twosome

    Hello, our names are Sprinkles and Diamond. We are just newborns so we can’t go far without getting too tired. When we are awake we love to rub noses, and play with each other. When we grow up a little, can we join the glamorous Maltese Fan Club at Maltese Starz? I hear that their are lots of furry fluff balls there. Is that true?

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  • Help us stop this Cruelty

    Help us stop this Cruelty

    By purchasing that cute little doggie in the window, chances are you’re supporting a puppy mill… a place where breeding mother dogs live in confinement, churning out puppies for profit, for their entire agonizing lives. Help us stop this cruelty. Close down the puppy mills anyway we can…..

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