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  • Oink Oink

    Oink Oink

    Instead of this little piggy going to the market, he is invited to play with Denver the Maltese. Denver is not quite sure about this little piglet but knows it’s talking back to him in the strangest way. Woof woof, who are you? Your in my bed, so you have to go….. Denver isn’t backing down from the piglet, but have you ever seen one that has, not me?

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  • Mom Not Looking?

    Mom Not Looking?

    Hmm, there is some left overs up there and it smells so good. I’ll lay here until no one is looking, then I will check it out. Mom is getting busy, I hope she don’t take the plate off until I get a chance to get up there. I must make the plunge now, she won’t see me. Jump, crab, eat, jump, crab eat. Hmm that is so delicious. Thanks for dinner Mom, till next time…..Woof

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  • When We Grow Up

    When We Grow Up

    Such a cute little footage of a mother named Jojo, watching her three Maltese puppies interacting with each other and enjoying their play toys. Of course Daddy is not too far away. They sure look very protective and proud of their babies, don’t they?

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  • Slurp, slurp!

    Slurp, slurp!

    Wow, this is what my Bridgette loves doing outside with the water hose. During the summer when I get the house out to water the plants, Bridgette always gets in front of the hose to drink out of it and wants to get sprayed down to cool herself. It’s actually fun to watch her. She won’t let up until I start the spray gently so she can drink out of it.

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  • Phantom Ball

    Phantom Ball

    This reminded me when Bridgette comes and nudges me to play with her. I will throw one of her toys and she will literally run as fast as possible to get it. But there are times when I try to fool her by making the motion that I am throwing it, just to see what she does. She is very quick though and realizes in a flash that it’s not thrown, but it’s the reaction she gives until she figures […]

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  • Energy Bursts

    Energy Bursts

    I can’t help myself, when this urge comes on to me, there don’t seem to be enough space for me to burn this energy off. I love making laps running around the house. When I am done I feel so much better and that is when I go to my squeaky toys or just flop wherever I am and have a nap. Is this what your baby does when he has this burst of energy? My Bridgette does several times […]

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  • I Wuv U

    I Wuv U

    We will not back down from no one, we are very well known as the fearless breed. When I feel like a kiss, I don’t let anything get in my way. I have a little hard time reaching you buddy, but I have a very strong urge and excellent strong back hinds. I Wuv U….Woof woof! Shared by member Nostos ETamo, the professional kisser.

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  • Bathing Sis!

    Bathing Sis!

    Good Morning Blue, come on over here and talk to me your buddy Spritz. Chirp, chirp, coming. Oh goodness you look as though you could stand to have a lick down Blue. Lickety, lick. Oh thank you Spritz, feeling much better now. Chirp, chirp. Lets fly to Paris now and get some treats, what do you say Spritz. You coming with me. Be back later Dad, going to Paris with Blue.

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  • Not Me!

    Not Me!

    We must never tell on each other, right! No we have to stick together on this one…. Mom is going to be very upset with us when she finds out. When she asks who did this, we will have to all look pretty and stupid as if we don’t know what she is talking about,ok. Oh oh, she must of found it. Remember guys, just look pretty. OK, we will….

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  • Doggie Party!

    Doggie Party!

    Good Morning Maltese Starz, My name is Casey, I just wanted to stop by and see all my buddies at Maltese Starz. The weather is so nice today, lets get together and have a doggie party. Mom is going to set up the toys for us and my brand new car that I got yesterday Arrf, arrf. I’ll be just hang in out in the back yard. Hope to see you! Love, Casey.

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