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  • Happy Easter Maltese Starz

    Happy Easter Maltese Starz

    Good Morning everyone and Happy Easter. The Easter bunny was very busy this past few days leaving all kinds of goodies. He finally came to my house, it must of been while I was sleeping cause I didn’t see him. When I woke up there was this basket of easter toys and treats. Thank you Easter Bunny. Did the Easter Bunny get to your house?

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  • Bunny Kisses

    Bunny Kisses

    Hey Mom, Tomorrow is Easter! The Easter Bunny has arrived at our house. I am going out to say hi to the Easter bunny. Oh is he ever cute mom, Is he going to stay awhile and give me some easter eggs? I will be very nice to him so he will leave me lots of doggie easter eggs. Has the Easter bunny arrived at your house yet?

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  • Don’t Forget Me!

    Don’t Forget Me!

    We all love our babies, and there are lots of them to go around. Many are in need of a loving home. Check out your local shelters or hunt them down on google search. At any given time if you are interested in adding to your family, consider adoption. They all need our help!!!! Just like this little cutie, so happy to hear you made it Lexi….. Here is a link to find a pet in your personal area http://www.petfinder.com/

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  • Don’t Go Without Me Dad

    Don’t Go Without Me Dad

    Hey Dad, lets go for a ride. You drive and I will ride on your shoulder and check out the view. Hey dad, I see the cutest female over yonder. She is all decked out in a pretty dress. Stop dad, maybe she wants a ride too. She is really cute dad.

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  • Grrrrr, Throw The Ball

    Grrrrr, Throw The Ball

    It’s play time Mom, grrrrrr throw my toy and play with me. Arrf, arrf I got it Mom, throw it again. When you hear me growl or bark, that is telling you to send the ball back.

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  • Blast Off

    Blast Off

    I have this burst of energy to burn off every once in awhile. You must know what I mean if you are a Maltese. We just seem to get these moments that we need to do crazy things. And right now I am having one of those moments, so I’ll jump and spin on my bed until I tire out and then I will rest for a while. Do you get those moments when you can’t help yourself to?

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  • Dear Lord I Pray

    Dear Lord I Pray

    Hi everyone, our names are Jaisan and Jia. We where taught at an early stage to be very grateful for every tiny thing in life. There are others of us that are not as fortunate. So we thank you Jesus everyday before each meal. We do know if we don’t say our grace before we eat, we could someday end up as one of the unfortunate canines in this world. God please hear our prayers and protect all of our […]

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  • Joined Love!

    Joined Love!

    Meet my two best friends Snowy and Crystal. We don’t go anywhere without each the other. We think and like the same, we love the freedom of the outdoors. We are always in each others company, and will never be apart. So if you would like to join us to enjoy the day to play, Give us a high four and lets meet someday. Arrf, arrf.

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  • Yummy


    This might be a little difficult getting these yummies out to eat. They are making this crackling sound when I move this toy around. Mom and Dad is always putting my yummies in different toys, why? I might be tiny but I am very smart. I will play with this toy until my yummies come out. Yum, yum.

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  • Gone With The Wind

    Gone With The Wind

    It’s a beautiful day here in the Caribbean. The beaches are swamped and the boats are zooming by. Lets go catch some sun, dad says. Seems like it’s windy out here Dad! Just hold on to your seat and we will stop soon to get a snack and relax. Ok Dad, hope that wind dies down soon so I can catch a breath. My nose is flapping in the wind…

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