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  • My Freedom Door?

    My Freedom Door?

    I keep hearing come on Nico, Arrf arrf. There is know way I can get to you Mom. Help me Mom… How are you doing that big brother, it won’t move for me…. Mom get me in there, please… Open the door Mom and I will come to you. Oh I did it, just like big brother Maximus. That is cool, now I can come and go as I please. I have my own little doggie door. Thank you big […]

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  • We Love Our Playtime!

    We Love Our Playtime!

    Hi to all our Maltese Starz Fans, Our names are Nike and Sparco, we want to show you how we love to pass our time with our Mommy and Daddy. Today we went out as a family to have a day together. We were looking for a place to eat and out of nowhere we stumbled across this playground, to our delight we found out the slides are the best for us to have a time of our lives. If […]

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  • Mr Roboto Tune

    Mr Roboto Tune

    Good Morning everyone! I am going to sing my Roboto Tune to you this morning. My name is Cherish and I am a singing Maltese that enjoys everything in my life just like all you fans at Maltese Starz. I don’t hold any awards for my singing only from Mommy and Daddy. I will be signing my autograph after the show. Would you like to come and meet me? I will see you after the show. Thank you, can’t wait […]

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  • Brotherly Love

    Brotherly Love

    We all love our babies, right. Meet these two little pure breed Maltese brothers. Their names are Murphy and Casey, and I am sure they are Mommy and Daddies love of their lives. But we can relate to that for sure. Murphy is almost 2 while Casey is 6 months. Aren’t they adorable? They constantly fill our hearts with love, just being there….. We love our Maltese!!!!!!

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  • Pet Finder

    Adoptable Dogs by Breed. Check this out for your area.

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  • Guilty As Charged

    Guilty As Charged

    This cute footage reminds me of when Bridgette has done something that she knows is completely wrong and tries to portray the poor me look. Especially when she has tipped the garbage can or has scattered the dirty clothes all over while I’ve been on some errands. I can always tell before I get to the evidence just by reading her body language or her sheepish looks that she gives when I arrive back in the house. Do you experience […]

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  • Unconditional Love Never Gets Tiring

    Unconditional Love Never Gets Tiring

    To my Mommy and Daddy, If you ever find yourself lost in your human world. I’ll be there… When you are tired after a long hard day at the office. I’ll be there… If you ever feel blue, I will be there to guide you.. You will always have my shoulder when you cry… If you can’t fall asleep at night, I will sing a song beside you. If you ever forget how much you mean to me, everyday I […]

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  • Celebration


    Hi Phoebe, I noticed it was your birthday yesterday, so I want to wish you a very Happy belated Birthday. Hope you had a great day and got all the birthday wishes you wanted. I love your new car….. I will be 8 years old the end of March. This was my last years birthday celebration and enjoyed all the sausages and many other treats that I normally don’t get, but for my birthday my Mom and Daddy showered me […]

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  • Guitar Duo!

    Guitar Duo!

    Hello Fans, my name is Snowy. I always have this song in my heart. So when daddy brings out that guitar and strums a tune, I bring that song out in different ways to the beat of that guitar. I never took any music lessons, and we don’t profess to be big stars. For my daddy and I together, This is the song we have in our hearts.

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  • My Magical Box

    My Magical Box

    The malts’ magical box takes them to a place that they love the most on planet earth! We wish for tons of magical moments for you all in this new year! filled with happiness, love, joy, peace, health, laughters to you, your family and friends. All we ask is tons of belly rubs, would you give me a belly rub, please?

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