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  • Mighty Tiny!

    Mighty Tiny!

    Hi Maltese Starz Fans, My name is Gypsy and I am a very tiny teacup Maltese puppy. Don’t let that worry you I am very mighty when it comes time to defend myself and Mommy is always near. I love to play around, romp, jump, chew and pull on bright colourful things. Even look at myself in the mirror, I am so adorable arff arff. Well I feel like going to my favourite barbie doll bed now. See you later […]

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  • Pizza Delight

    Pizza Delight

    Hey Bridgette we can have a pizza party. I didn’t order one but it just got dropped off at my house. It smells so yummy, only thing it is difficult to get to, all this brown yuckie stuff is in the way from getting a bite. I am making head way here I can see it now. Pulling it out of the flat brown thing, Hmmmm got a taste it is worth working for. It is sure a pizza delight […]

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  • Maltese iTunes.

    Maltese iTunes.

    Hi Maltese Starz fan club. Look what I have learned to do today, when I paw at this shiny gadget, sounds come out of it like iTunes. I can make my own songs now. It’s so easy to learn!!! Can I come over and play a song for you Bridgette and the gang over at Maltese Starz? We all can get together and have a choir with this thing I found. We will surprise our Mom’s with a tune. Aarf […]

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  • Hi Tech Maltese

    Hi Tech Maltese

    Good Morning Bridgette and all your friends at Maltese Starz, My name is Techobud. This is my very first time on the iPad, I am licking the screen and hearing sounds but haven’t found you yet. I do know you and your buddies are somewhere in here. Mom said that you have thousands of adorable fans there so I am trying to find where you all hang out online. When I arrive, do you think you fans will like me […]

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  • Crispy Crunch

    Crispy Crunch

    I’m crispy crunching in this white stuff, it seems to be everywhere I go. Oops, Hey Mom I lost my bootie over there, oh well I still can run, jump and have fun. Oooh that is cold on my teeth when I bite into that white stuff too. Hey Bridgette, come on over and bring all your fans and play with me, we will have lots of fun outside with this crunchy white stuff. Don’t forget to put your coat […]

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  • Grapefruit Delight

    Grapefruit Delight

    Hi Maltese Starz, My name is Meaobe, Groooowl, grooooowl. I am telling you don’t even think about coming to get my favourite piece of fruit, this is my heavens delight. Just like you humans say its the icing on the cake, when you love some kind of dish of yours. When it comes to my dessert I will not share any part of it. When I am finished with my delicious treat, I will act graceful and loving again. I […]

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  • My Play Toy!

    My Play Toy!

    This is my play toy, you have to find your own toy to play with. No, says the other baby, Ok I am going to chase you in the corner so I can grab it from you, darn you are holding on so tight. He keeps chasing the other baby around the room hopeing he will drop it. Mom help me please, can I have a toy too?

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  • Way to Go Nazca!

    Our babies need their exercise and this is one way for them to achieve their goals. This is the time of the year, depending where on the globe you live, can be the most difficult to get outside to give them the chance to burn off their energy. In the last couple of days, Bridgette has not been able to stay outside for more than the required time it takes her to do her duties because of our below normal […]

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  • Fan Club Invitation

    Fan Club Invitation

    Good Morning everyone at the Maltese Starz Fan Club. Me and my family would like to invite Bridgette and all her fans to come and play with us today. We just live around the corner at 111 Fluff Ball Lane, so bring all your buddies and lets have a day of romping activities. Hope you all can make it today around one o’clock this afternoon. If you are coming, please leave your name in the comments below.

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  • T-I-R-E-D


    Oh my goodness, I can’t hold my head up any longer. Dad, come and pick me up and carry me to my cozy bedroom so I can rest in lau lau land for awhile please. I will be spunky after I close my little eyes for a bit. I am so tiny I can’t help myself, ok Dad. See you in awhile, Love you Daddy.

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