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  • My Vocals

    My Vocals

    When your puppy is happy he will sing his life away…. This is Bailey showing off his vocals, singing along with opera singer Andrea Bocelli. It’s so amazing our little pets show us in many ways what their preferences are when they are contented with their surroundings. Don’t you agree?

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  • Our Memories

    Our Memories

    What else in our lives can melt our hearts as fast as our precious companions. All we have to do is love them back, and they don’t ask for anything in return, they don’t hold grudges, resentfulness, greed and the list goes on and on. What ever breed of dog we have we will have our own memories forever.

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  • Pull up my Chair Please

    Pull up my Chair Please

    Mom I need a chair so I can eat my dinner, I’m just a little guy. When I grow up and get a little bigger I will have manners and be able to join you all sitting at the dinner table for our meals, but for now I need a little help. Would you like to have your puppy eating at the table? Why not if they have the right manners…

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  • Talking Griffin

    Talking Griffin

    I think I just got diabetes from a sweetness overload. Cute little Griffin, a very talented Havanese breed, at six months old can ring the bell, spin and say Hello. My point is if you train them at an early age, they do have the ability to learn almost anything you want them to do… Just keep the treats handy….

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  • Bunny Hop

    Bunny Hop

    Watch little bouncing Moses, he must have springs on his paws, the way he bounces and moves around the room.. What a delight to watch…. Reminds me of my Bridgette when she runs/hops in the backyard. One time she chased a rabbit out of our yard and she bounced more then the bunny.

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  • Cuteness Overload

    Cuteness Overload

    These puppies are only 12 weeks old having a grand old time running in and out of a cardboard box. Can you imagine having a herd of maltese puppies in your house, having all this fun. Let’s call it Maltese Explosion!

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  • Busted!!!!!


    Proof is in the pudding they say, right. This little gem got busted doing exactly what I have found numerous times, but never catch my Bridgette in the act. Looks like loads of entertainment though for her. Now I can understand a bit better why she picks on the tissue paper, it never ends she likely thinks… I totally believe I will get the chance to bust her someday. It would be so cute to catch her…

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  • True Story

    True Story

    True story: The mom (in her mid forties) never had or wanted a dog. Then her daughter (who was 13 at the time) asked her mom “Why can’t we have a dog?” The mom said “Well, if we ever got a dog, it would have to not shed, be small, white, cute, and really smart.” So the mom figured the daughter would come back in a couple weeks and tell her there is no such thing. The daughter went to […]

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  • Chirp Chirp

    Chirp Chirp

    Give this pair some privacy, don’t you think? They seem to be getting it on the two of them, it’s so cute. Again my Bridgette just loves to give out kisses and I certainly don’t mind being on the receiving end of all her cuddles, hugs and kisses. Don’t you feel the same with your baby?

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  • Ms Bunny

    Ms Bunny

    Ms. Bunny wants to give you a show and let you know the tricks she has accomplished. She does very well I might add. They do train very easily.. My Bridgette knows a lot of tricks too, she rolls over, sits, shakes paw and gives kisses on demand, just to name a few. But most of all she follows me everywhere I go which keeps her very busy cause I’m on the move constantly. I think it’s so cute, I […]

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