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  • Bailey In Concert

    Bailey In Concert

    We all have a song in our hearts and love to be listened to.. Little Ms. Bailey is in Concert, enjoying this moment singing along with the harmonica music. Do we have another doggie American Idol candidate? Share your thoughts

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  • Maltese Glamour

    Maltese Glamour

    Here at the 2012 Maltese World Dog Show. How could you turn down any one of the beautiful show dogs. I am sure it has to be very tough for the judges. They all look like winners. Don’t you agree!

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  • Rescue the Turtle

    Rescue the Turtle

    Little Snowy performing his “Rescue” trick by pulling out the toy turtle on demand. He is always alert, keeps his eyes open at the pool, jumps in to save and rescue his toy and just loves his job…. I would call Snowy the new little Lifeguard maltese. Don’t you agree?

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  • Rico with her favourite toy

    Rico with her favourite toy

    This cute little 1.5 month old maltese Rica with her favourite spongebob toy, they get attached so quick with their toys. My maltese Bridgette has only squeaky toys that is her favourite. She puts them into bed and squeaks them to sleep, it is so cute to watch her being a mom to her babies. The puppy months go by too fast!! Although really, they still act a lot like puppies even when they’re full grown, and they’re always adorable! […]

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