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Maltese Information and Photos



Maltese Personality:

The Maltese Dog according to the AKC standard, their personality has no fear. They are among the gentlest mannered of all small dogs, yet playful, vigorous and always full of energy all their lives.
The Maltese nature is sweet, playful and easygoing. They do require daily walks or allowed to be outside to run around to help them expand their extra energy.
Their size makes them ideal for apartment dwellers, and for seniors as owners.


The Maltese is also a hypo-allergenic dog so in most cases if you are allergic to dogs you would not be allergic to a Maltese puppy.  The Maltese also does not shed which is a great benefit compared to other breeds of dogs.


Maltese dogs are highly trainable and unlike other toy breeds are capable of anything as they possess a desire to please.

Toy breeds should never be treated harshly or given physical correction as this kind of discipline will only cause your Maltese to be mistrustful of people in general.  The best and only method to train a Maltese is to reward him only for good behavior and ignoring the bad.

Separation Anxiety:

Maltese adore being around people and hate to be left alone for long periods of time.

Maltese are best suited for homes where there is someone around at all times or a home of retirees.

Separation Anxiety is quite common in the Maltese breed.


Grooming Your Maltese:


It’s so imperative to check your Maltese ears weekly because your Maltese is a drop-eared dog with excessive hair in their ears which grows rapidly, also its a good habit to clean and pluck the new hairs at every bath time.

Keep a close eye on your Maltese if their ears are sensitive to the touch, a heavy wax buildup, debris, inflammation, strong odour, shaking or scratching the ears or lilting of the head to the side can be an indication of ear problems.

To remove hair from your Maltese ears, use an ear powder, available from your vet or a pet supply store.  Sprinkle a small amount on the ear canal, being especially careful not to put the powder in the ear canal,  only covering all the ear hairs.  Holding the ear flap up, use your fingers to gently pluck out the hairs growing in the ear canal only, not the hairs on the inside of the ear flap.  Most Maltese won’t mind this cause it don’t hurt.


Maltese Toenail Care


Maltese nails grow just like us humans and needs to be clipped regularly.  The ends of the nail are dead tissue and the quick of the nail contains the blood supply.  Try clipping as close to the quick as possible without hurting your Maltese.  It’s a good practice to clip their nails every two to three weeks.  If they are not done regularly their nails can scratch your bare skin, distort the way your Maltese stands even interfere with their gait.  

This should be introduced to your Maltese at a very young stage so they will be accustomed to nail clipping as an adult.  Teach him to sit and hand you his paw while you clip each nail.  If they are not accustomed to this procedure they can wiggle too much and you will risk painfully clipping the quick which can cause pain and bleeding. The nail quick is also prone to infection if a dog’s nail is broken or trimmed too short.

In case of a nail trimming mishap, have some styptic powder on hand which will promote blood clotting, thereby stopping the flow of blood from your Maltese.  In the absence of styptic powder, use corn starch or flour.  Once the powder has been applied, wait for a couple minutes, which should slow down the bleeding, get a paper towel and apply pressure to your Maltese injured nail.  If the bleeding don’t stop apply the powder again.  Try to keep your Maltese from licking the nail and don’t allow him to walk for awhile.

How to Prevent Infection with a Nail Trimmed Too Short.

Use an antibacterial soap and wash your Maltese paw.  Rinse with lukewarm water, beware that very warm or cold water will be painful to the exposed quick.  Pour a bit of Betadine over the nail that was trimmed too short and allow the Betadine to air dry.  Then dab a bit of antibiotic ointment onto the exposed quick at the tip of the injured nail.  Depending how serious the nail clipping is it can be wrapped for a period of time.


Trimming Hair Between Toes


A puppy at 6 to 8 weeks, for example, is extremely important to clip the nails every week, just after a bath is the best time when the nails are soft. Trimming the hair between the toes can be done every other week.

A young Maltese pup must have a solid footing for the musculature and bones to grow, knit and mature properly. If nails are left untrimmed and hair growing thick between its toes, this will cause your Maltese to slip and slid on smooth surfaces.  They are made to overcompensate with exaggerated movements in order to maintain their balance moving around.  If this simple grooming regimen is neglected, it may cause your Maltese to develop an unnatural poor movement in his front toe pads and become “splayed” prematurely in its life.


Teeth Cleaning


I cannot stress enough how imperative it is to brush your Maltese teeth each and every day starting at a very young age.  Doing so will get your Maltese off to a good start and will eventually accept and enjoy having their teeth brushed.  How I introduced my two was by rubbing a little bit of soft food on a nylon stocking wrapped around my finger for a few days, eventually switching to a small amount of toothpaste ( never use humans toothpaste as it can cause them to have tummy upset) on your finger and continue to rub.  I still use the nylon stocking method to this day. 



Mats and How to Get Rid of them.

Before bathing your Maltese, it is wise to brush out their hair in case of any mats that have accumulated,  If you find a matted area, try to work it out first gently with your fingers,  If no success, you may try spraying it with a detangling spray, Amazon has a great one and is available here.  Pull the mat apart as much as possible with your fingers, then use the end of the comb to loosen the individual hairs. This can be tedious if left for days with out brushing your Maltese.  I advise to brush your Maltese daily for this reason.  Never bath your Maltese without brushing your Maltese to rid of all mats as they tend to get worse (tighter) when set in water.


Bathing Your Maltese

Before bathing your Maltese, brush and comb your Maltese thoroughly to eliminate knots, mats and any dead hair as described above.

Have all grooming supplies, towels, shampoo, conditioner, dryer etc available before you put your Maltese in the tub.  Clean your puppy’s ears and put a small ball of cotton in the ears to soak up any water that may accidentally enter the ear canal ( a common cause of infection).  Place a rubber mat down on the bottom of the tub for safety.

This is the perfect time for cleaning the anal glands if needed.  Once the anal glands are expressed soak your Maltese with water completely before applying the shampoo.  A high quality shampoo and conditioner is a must to help keep your Maltese coat looking luxurious.  Place the shampoo on the back and work up a good lather on legs and tail, making sure you take special care to clean the anal area and paw pads.  Use a wash cloth to clean the face and nose area using a tearless shampoo for that area only.  Once you have a the hair lathered it’s time to rinse, and rinse and rinse, even rinse some more even after you think it’s enough, you would be surprised how much rinsing is needed to clear all the shampoo out.  This will save your Maltese much aggravation later, if all the shampoo is not rinsed your Maltese will itch and be very uncomfortable later.  At this point, you must use a good quality conditioner, some prefer to use a leave in conditioner as it is a detangler, antistatic and fragrant, all in one.  With the all in one conditioner, work this well into the coat.  Using your hands, squeeze the excess water from your Maltese, paying particular attention to ears, tail and legs.  Running your hands down the body of your Maltese to squeeze out as much water as possible and cover with a thick absorbent towel.  During the winter you should dry your Maltese in a warm area as they chill very easily.  Immediately once out of the tub and wrapped in a towel, start blow drying on Medium heat NEVER HOT as you can burn their skin.  Using a pin brush, brush the coat carefully in the same direction it grows while blowing, this will eliminate any waves or kinks and will reach all layers of the coat.  Carefully do small sections at a time making sure each section is completely dry before going on to the next section.  Continue this until your Maltese is completely dry doing the face and ears last.  The face should be done using a small metallic comb.  Now that your Maltese is all fluffy clean and white, a nice part down the middle to their back makes your Maltese look their best.  With your Maltese standing in front of you take the end of a metal comb and begin at the base of the dog’s neck, run the tooth of the comb straight  down the spine, allowing the coat to fall on either side.

Now the fun part, doing the top knot and placing a beautiful bow on top. Everyone has their own personal preference how they would like to have their Maltese, so I am not going to elaborate on this step. Just have fun with your fluffy beautiful Maltese pup.




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Maltese Photos 


some photos I would like to share with you of Bridgette and Porkchop.

MalteseStarz the #1 site for Information and Photos of the Maltese Dog

Maltese Dog Photo

Maltese dog photos

Maltese Dog Photos

Maltese Dog Information and Photos

Maltese Photo




Photos of Maltese

Maltese Photos at MalteseStarz.com

Porkchop is my little Rescue named Porkchop. Adoption date-Sept 25/13

Porkchop is my little Rescue named Porkchop.
Adoption date-Sept 25/13

IMG_8044 copywithlogo

Porkchop, resting Oct 26/13

Porkchop, resting Oct 26/13





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